As do most writers, readers and artists, I too prefer the quiet corner table at the back of the café, where clatter is minimal and silent observation is best. This site is mostly about my recent book Shivers, Slaps and Silence, much of it written in such cafés.

The only bio anyone will ever need about me is best garnered from the book, and maybe these few words:

Sandra and I were both 15 when we met, at the closing end of high school. Before we teamed up for a string of wild adventures that carried us through the following six years, we had been through very different home lives, childhoods and experiences. Beyond first impressions though, something similar had nailed our self-esteem to the floorboards. Hence the "Thin Air and Twigs" part of the subtitle.

Shivers, Slaps and Silence takes the reader through those six years, the naive involvement, the runaway episode, the wasted children and the broken careers. It is honest, hard-edged and at times, quite funny, but mostly, it traces the journey of two survivors, young and full of fire and unwilling to be forgotten.

I lost contact with Sandra, not long after all this happened.