Reviewer Rewards


I too prefer to be reading books rather than writing reviews about them on web sites. For this reason, I understand why writing a few words online, on Amazon or elsewhere, is sometimes a tough call. Nonetheless, those reviews play an important role in drawing people to a book and getting the word out. For a writer in today's tight marketplace, that can be the difference between two-day-old bread or a couple of fresh butter croissants.

To help boost your scribing instincts, here is a tasty incentive. Buy the (totally affordable) Kindle version of Shivers, Slaps and Silence, or the paperback, if you prefer a book you can hug, then read it and post a review on the Amazon web site. To reward your effort, I will send you a $10.- e-gift coupon from the world's favorite gourmet coffee chain. (full rules here)

If you plan it well and choose a time when I have an Amazon Countdown Deal running, the book will cost you even less BUT your coffee coupon will continue to shimmer with the same value in your wallet, totally unchanged. Same cup, same delight, and just a few coins spent. Hard to beat.

Coffee and book-reading have been perfect companions for as long as the world remembers. Do your stuff and feed two great habits!